A single flower can be chosen or perhaps several smaller flowers. These make a lovely gift or an added extra with your framed bouquet.

Each paperweight is £80.  This includes the preservation if only choosing paperweights with one or two flowers. Preservation of the whole bouquet is £45 for the framed pictures as per the price guide. A deposit of £30 per paperweight is taken when I receive your flowers then the balance plus postage and packing before I send them back to you.

Please note not all flowers are suitable for paperweights due to their dimensions and type. The paperweights can also change the look of your flower and lighter flowers almost have translucent petals with a silvery effect. Please ask for more details on which flowers are suitable and the changes to expect in colours.  The preservation process will take approximately 8/10 weeks then a further 8/10 weeks to complete the paperweight process.  A paperweight takes around 70mm of flower and when complete is approximately 90mm.


If you do live a distance away and you would only like paperweights and no pictures, then you can arrange to post your flowers (next day delivery) and the completed paperweights can be sent back to you by post.  Send several more flowers than you think I will need.  Always best to have more incase you decide on a further paperweight.  Use a nice strong box, lots of newspaper, tissue and always keep your flowers in water until just before you pack them.  Keep the flowers dry in the box and do not send with wet tissue as the flower heads must be kept dry.  Please contact me and let me know when you have posted flowers, then I can let you know when they arrive safely and give you BACS details.

P&P details are as follows:

1/2 paperweights - £5 1st class signed for

3/4 paperweights - £8 1st class signed for

5/6 paperweights - £10 courier




*Please note the cut off date after preservation of the flowers will be the 12th October for guaranteed Christmas delivery of a paperweight*


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