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Privacy Policy

Actual Flowers commitment to give the best customer service means we respect and protect the privacy of all our customers. The company acts in accordance with all the relevant legislation including Data Protection Legislation.  Amy information collected about any party from the website will be stored by us on our database only and will not be passed onto any other individual and/or company.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Terms and Conditions.  These have been designed to make you aware of what happens to your flowers and foliage during the preservation process. 

  • Actual Flowers ask that we receive your flowers within a maximum of 48 hours of your wedding.  Flowers should be kept in a cool place, but not in the fridge or freezer and not sprayed with water.  The stems of hand tied bouquets can be put in a vase of water.  It is our customer’s responsibility to ensure that their flowers are given over in the best possible condition.


  • Actual Flowers will do their very best to preserve and frame your flowers to the highest possiblestandards.  However we do not take any responsibility for any poor results - arising from age,condition and variety of flower.  We highly recommend that you take time to discuss fully with us the results to be expected from the preservation process of your flowers. 


  • The preservation process extracts the moisture from the flowers and foliage and although they retain their shape, there will be colour changes.  Many white flowers will turn a light shade of cream; red roses with a blue undertone will turn almost claret.  However this doesn’t detract from the beauty of your flowers. 


  • A preservation fee of £45 is payable by cash, cheque or BACS upon receipt of your flowers.  Your bouquet will then immediately be photographed, then carefully dismantled and put under the preservation process.  The preservation process will take approximately 8/10 weeks, depending on the individual flowers.


  • The service which Actual Flowers provides is to preserve, seal and frame your flowers only in our hand-made box frames, as we consider this the best way for your flowers to last long term.  It is not possible for customers to provide their own frames or have flowers preserved on a stand alone basis.


  • Once your flowers are preserved you will be contacted and invited to come and choose a design, mount and frame for your flowers.  If after 6 months you have not contacted Actual Flowers to complete this, then we reserve the right to recycle your flowers.


  • Once a design for the flowers has been chosen along with frames and mounts, the completed design will take a further 8/10 weeks.  Payment must be made either by cash, BACS or cheque payable to Actual Flowers on collection of the finished picture.                        
  • All flowers accepted and preserved by Actual Flowers will remain our property until paid for in full.


  • We will endeavour to reproduce your bouquet as closely as possible to the original.  However, there will always be a degree of artistic interpretation to our pictures.


  • Once our customer’s hand-made box frame with flowers is completed to their satisfaction – no money will be refunded if dissatisfied with the colour and texture of the flowers in the future.  All details should be fully understood before proceeding.


  • Although your picture will be glazed with conservation glass which will filter out 97% of ultra violet light.  Your preserved flowers are perishable over time; there can be a mellowing of colour which one would expect with products of this nature.


  • We ask that completed pictures are kept out of direct sunlight or strong artificial light, also away from sources of heat or moisture.
  • In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your final picture, then you must notify us within 7 days.


  • Actual Flowers takes no responsibility for any damage caused once completed pictures are uplifted from our premises.


  • A personal collection/delivery service is available within Sussex only with advance bookings of at least 1 month in advance.  Please contact us for costs and more details.


  • Actual Flowers liability is strictly limited to the full purchase price of the completed picture only.



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