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Do I need to book in advance of my wedding?

Yes, it is a good idea, as I limit the number of bookings, so don't leave it too late to book, but I will always help where I can with a late enquiry.

Do I have to pay a deposit before my wedding?

No, all I require is your name, telephone number/email address and the date of your wedding.  The preservation fee of £45 for a bridal bouquet is payable when I receive your flowers. 

What if I haven't booked with you?

Please just give me a call as soon as you can and I will always do my best to help with late enquires. Call 01903 859904 or 07786 658715.  Unfortunately I can't always guarantee this as I can only take on a limited amount of flowers.

What are your opening hours?

I don't have set opening hours, as I work from home here in Rustington, West Sussex, so I am very flexible with days and times to suit you.  I can also offer weekend and evening appointments.  Please call, text or email me first to make an appointment.

How do I care for my flowers after my wedding day?

Keep them cool. In a garage or out of direct sunlight. Do not put in fridge or freezer! Do not spray them with water, but if they are hand tied then place the stems including the ribbon in a vase of water.

How soon after my wedding would you like my flowers?

Within 48 hours is ideal when the flowers are at their freshest, but flowers can still be accepted a few days after this if they are still in good condition.

What do you do when you receive my flowers?

I measure the bouquet, take details of the flowers, photograph it, then carefully dismantle and preserve each flower and piece of foliage individually. I charge £35 for this and the preservation process will take approximately 8/10 weeks depending on the flowers.

Do you press the flowers?

No, they are not pressed, but dried in 3D and displayed within a hand-made box frame.

How and when can I get my flowers to you?

I prefer your flowers to be hand delivered to me, as then I can ensure they are in the best condition to preserve. Please always call in advance so I can arrange a suitable time with you, but I am always flexible with days and times, so weekend and evening appointments are not a problem.

Can I post my flowers to you and do you post back?

If you are only choosing paperweights then you can post me a selection of flowers and then the completed paperweights can be posted back to you.  If however you would like to create a 3D picture then you must live close enough to be able to come to collect when completed.  I do not post/courier any pictures I'm afraid.

Can you collect my flowers?

Yes, this can be arranged but only if you prebook at least 1 month in advance. Please see the prices page for more details.

Do the flowers change colour once preserved?

There is a darkening of your flowers as the moisture is removed, however this doesn't detract from the beautiful shape which will stay the same. Some flowers are easier to preserve than others. To give you an idea, red flowers will turn a deep claret colour, white will turn cream. Please discuss with me when I receive your flowers.

Can I have my flowers preserved without displaying them in a box frame?

No, unfortunately all preserved flowers must be displayed in a box frame or why not have a lovely paperweight created.

When do I have to choose a design and frame?

Approximately 8/10 weeks after I have received your flowers, so you don't need to worry about any decisions before this.

Do I have to have my whole bouquet in a frame?

No, you can either choose to replicate your bouquet as it was, or perhaps downsize it to a smaller version or even split it up into several smaller pictures. The choice is up to you. The options are endless!

When will I have my completed box framed picture?

Once you have chosen a design and frame, then this stage will take approximately another 8-10 weeks.

How can I pay?

Preservation of a wedding bouquet is £45 and is payable by cash, cheque to Actual Flowers or BACS on receipt of your flowers. When choosing your design and frame, then 50% of the total is due at this time and the balance paid in full on collection of your completed picture.  Please contact me for BACS details.

Do you offer vouchers?

Yes, family and friends can arrange to purchase vouchers or perhaps you would like to give your Mum or bridesmaid a scroll thanking them by preserving some flowers from your wedding day. Please contact me for more details.


Hopefully I have covered the majority of the most popular questions asked. If you still would like some more information, then please contact me and I will be more than happy to answer any questions which you may have.



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